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Keble offers one of a kind access to Real Estate designed with you in mind.

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Our exciting journey is documented in several publications by the brands below.

Why you should choose us

We provide a secure pathway for you to invest and diversify towards Real Estate without stressing about the burdens of the asset class.

Profitable Projects

Real Estate investments have proven to be one of the smartest ways to build wealth over time. With Keble, you can build wealth from our collection of vetted projects.

Steady Returns

By venturing into fractional Real Estate through Keble, you have access to secured and competitive returns on a regular basis.

Diverse Portfolio

We are providing you with access to properly vetted Real Estates properties across Africa and beyond. This allows you to create a diversified portfolio, which you can monitor from your personalized dashboard.


We have incorporated an array of diverse investment options to suit all income classes and goals with the sole focus of creating wealth for our users.
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Fixed Investments

Keble provides you the opportunity to co-partner with a Real Estate developer by investing in a construction project and earn return from the sales of the project within 7 - 36 months.


Become a co-owner of any of our premium property(ies) . By owning a fraction of our Lands and residential property(ies), You enjoy Rental Income and Capital Appreciation for a period of 3-5 years.
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Easy Own

Through our network of verified Real Estate developers, you can now acquire your assets the Keble way. You no longer need to make a substantial deposit to acquire your favourite lands or houses. Easy own allows you to start paying on installment for a period of 3- 24 months to acquire either Land or Houses.Get Started

Steps for Investing

Create an account
Sign Up on the Web or Download the app on your favourite App Store
Select an Investment Option
Read through the details and pick the Option suitable for you.
Invest and track the progress of your assets
Earn Returns
Returns deposited in your wallet on maturity


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