Who We Are

Keble offers a more transparent and accessible means to Fractional Investing in Real Estate Properties across Africa and beyond, with the aim of helping Africans create long-term wealth and achieve financial goals.

What Matters to us

You matter to us- Want to know why? 
We know what it’s like to chase Financial Freedom with one hand tied behind your back, and we feel everyone deserves a level playing field.
We started Keble to make dreams come true and encourage people to build prosperity for themselves and their children.
Our platform exists to improve the lives of Africans, home and abroad, by allowing them to build wealth safely, effortlessly, in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Our Values

We have an extremely rigorous process to vetting every investment option we provide on our platform.

Customers First

We live to blow the minds of our customers as they journey towards wealth creation. As a result, we prefer to under-promise and over-deliver to keep customers excited about our solution.

Personal Growth & Development

Our growth as a company is fast-tracked by the evolution of our team members. We don’t shy away from investing in them as it compounds to build a better and bigger company.

Continuous Innovation

Innovation is and has always been an integral part of our journey. As a result, we require a heightened sense of creativity from everyone on our team to help grow the solution we offer.

Intellectually Honest

We believe businesses like ours should come clean about situations and have the decency to be open to ideas and criticisms. This mindset has allowed us to build and solve challenging issues with our customers fully behind us.

Here is Our Journey

Our Journey is just getting started: